Quantcast Development of Transition Pieces

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Figure  8-17.—Transition  pieces. are not shown in either the top or front view, but would  be  equal  in  length  to  the  hypotenuse  of  a right  triangle,  having  one  leg  equal  in  length  to  the projected  element  in  the  top  view  and  the  other  leg equal to the height of the projected element in the front  view. When it is necessary to find the true length of a number of edges, or elements, then a true-length diagram is drawn adjacent to the front view. This prevents the front view from being cluttered with lines. Since the development of the oblique cone will be symmetrical, the starting line will be element 0-7. The development is constructed as follows: With 0 as center and the radius equal to the true length of element 0-6, draw an arc. With 7 as center and the radius equal to distance  6-7  in  the  top  view,  draw  a  second  arc intersecting the first at point 6. Draw element 0-6 on the development. With 0 as center and the radius equal to 8-13 the true length of element 0-5, draw an arc. With 6 as center and the radius equal to distance 5-6 in the top view, draw a second arc intersecting the fast point 5. Draw element 0-5 on the development. This is repeated until all the element lines are located on the development view.  This  development  does  not  show  a  seam allowance. DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSITION PIECES Transition pieces are usually made to connect two different forms, such as round pipes to square pipes.  These  transition  pieces  will  usually  fit  the definition  of  a  nondevelopable  surface  that  must  be developed   by   approximation.   This   is   done   by assuming the surface to be made from a series of triangular  surfaces  laid  side-by-side  to  form  the development. This form of development is known as triangulation (fig. 8-17).

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