Quantcast Figure 1-1.Blueprint title blocks.

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PARTS OF A BLUEPRINT MIL-STD-100A specifies the size, format, loca- tion, and type of information that should be included in military blueprints. These include the information blocks,  finish  marks,  notes,  specifications,  legends, and symbols you may find on a blueprint, and which are discussed in the following paragraphs. INFORMATION BLOCKS The draftsman uses information blocks to give the reader  additional  information  about  materials, specifications, and so forth that are not shown in the blueprint or that may need additional explanation. The draftsman  may  leave  some  blocks  blank  if  the information in that block is not needed. The following paragraphs contain examples of information blocks. Title  Block The title block is located in the lower-right corner of all blueprints and drawings prepared according to MIL-STDs. It contains the drawing number, name of the part or assembly that it represents, and all informa- tion required to identify the part or assembly. It also includes the name and address of the govem- ment agency or organization preparing the drawing, Figure 1-1.—Blueprint title blocks. (A) Naval Ship Systems Command; (B) Naval Facilities Engineering Command. 1-2

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