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Basic  Consumables,  Continued Erasers HAND-HELD ERASERS: Hand-held erasers are available in different (continued) grades, each with a specific purpose. Hard erasers are a white or grey color and are very abrasive. They remove stubborn marks in pencil or ink. Moderately abrasive erasers are red. Soft erasers remove only light lines, as they are the least abrasive. Soft erasers are pink in color. Types of erasers Erasers have specific purposes. Besides the pencil eraser, there are four other erasers the DM uses in the work center. These are plastic erasers, art gum, kneaded erasers, and pulverized eraser particles. PLASTIC ERASERS: Plastic erasers work well removing unwanted marks from drawings on Mylar. Moisten the eraser slightly before using to increase the drag on the drawing surface. This eraser leaves no residue. ART GUM: This eraser is excellent for removing finger marks and smudges without marring the surface of a drawing. An art gum eraser leaves much residue which should be whisked away with a draftsman’s brush. KNEADED ERASERS: Kneaded erasers bring out the highlights in a drawing and clean a drawing surface. They work by absorbing graphite particles. Absorption increases by kneading the eraser in your hand. Generally, it leaves no residue unless it is too old and/or too full of absorbed particles. If this eraser becomes overly warm, the substance may break down, leaving a stain on the drawing surface. Continued  on  next  page 2-65

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