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Basic  Consumables,  Continued Erasing shields Erasing shields protect areas of a drawing that you do not want to erase. They are made of a light gauge, spring metal with numerous openings in variegated shapes and sizes. Figure 2-73 shows an erasing shield. Figure 2-73. —Erasing shield. Stumps and Stumps and tortillons blend pencil, charcoal, pastels, and crayons together in tortillons a drawing. They are made of kraft paper twisted tightly into blunt and pointed ends. When they are dirty, throw them away and get a clean one. Figure 2-74 shows stumps and tortillons. Figure 2-74. —Stumps and tortillons. Cutting mats Use a cutting mat to cut out items with a blade. They are self-sealing and stabilize the blade during cutting. Keep the cutting mat clean and remove the wax or adhesive buildup often. Continued  on  next  page 2-67

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