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Viewgraphs Introduction Viewgraphs are the most common and versatile media for visual presentations.  They  offer  spontaneity  and  interaction.  Once  the  media  of choice,  they  lost  popularity  to  the  35mm  slide.  However,  computer- generated graphics and color printers have bolstered their popularity. Sometimes, the viewgraph is the appropriate media to recommend for a presentation. Advantages There  are  many  advantages  of  viewgraph  presentations.  Viewgraphs  are  easy to  change,  right  up  to  the  last  minute.  They  are  large  in  format,  allowing  for easy  preview.  Their  size  approximates  a  notebook  or  binder.  The  projection device  is  easy  to  work  and  overhead  projectors  are  commonplace.  You  can make paper copies from the same artwork used for the viewgraph to distribute  to  the  audience  and  increase  audience  participation.  Viewgraphs  do not  require  a  totally  darkened  room  to  project.  Providing  you  use  the  right type of marker, you can reuse viewgraphs that have blanks to fill in from class to class. Disadvantages There  are  few  disadvantages  of  viewgraphs.  Primarily,  viewgraph presentations require someone to switch viewgraphs as the presentation progresses.  If  left  to  an  inexperienced  person,  the  presentation  may  look amateurish or slipshod. Format The  standard  aperture  area  of  a  viewgraph  is  7  1/2  by  9-inch.  Using  a horizontal format maximizes presentation area by filling the viewing screen. Mixing horizontal and vertical formats in the same presentation may prove distracting and vertically oriented viewgraphs can bleed on to the floor or ceiling. Artwork Keep  images  simple.  Limit  concepts  presented  by  projecturals  to  a  single topic.  Break  complicated  visuals  into  a  series  of  simple  images  for presentation.  Use  color  purposefully  to  emphasize  or  clarify  detail.  Keep reduction  in  mind.  Often,  artwork  created  for  a  viewgraph  will  wind  up  as  a slide. Continued  on  next  page 2-35

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