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Ellipse  Construction Introduction Although ellipse templates greatly reduce construction time for an ellipse, you should know how to construct an ellipse using other methods.    You may use  the  foci,  trammel,  concentric  diameter,  conjugate  diameter,  or circumscribed parallelogram method of ellipse construction. Ellipses An ellipse is created by moving a point so that the sum of its distances from two  points  (the  foci)  is  constant  and  equal  to  the  major  axis.  The  foci  serve as focal points for the rotation of the circumferential points.   The major axis is  its  longest  diameter.  The  shortest  diameter  is  the  minor  axis.  The  ellipses formed  is  a  basic,  uniform,  noncircular,  closed  curve.  An  ellipse  may  also be a conic section if formed by an oblique cutting plane on a solid. Figure 2-45 shows ellipse terminology. Figure  2-45.—Ellipse terminology. Continued  on  next  page 2-45

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