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Technical Drawings and Sketches Introduction The entire world depends upon technical drawings to convey the ideas that feed  today’s  industrialized  society.  Architectural,  structural,  electric, electronic, machine, plumbing, and piping drawings are all forms of mechanical/technical drawings. When rendering technical drawings, accuracy, neatness, technique, and speed in execution are essential. Inaccurate drawings could be worthless or lead to costly errors. Technical Technical drawing is a necessarily broad term that applies to any drawing used drawings and to express technical ideas. Technical drawings are usually mechanically sketches refined by using straightedges, triangles, and drafting instruments. Many of these drawings begin as a form of sketching.   Technical sketching is a freehand sketch. The only equipment required to execute technical sketches are soft pencils  in  the  F  to  HB  range,  paper,  and  an  eraser.  The  novice  sketcher  may find paper that is cross sectioned with ruled lines beneficial in establishing and  maintaining  scale.  There  are  gridded  papers,  isometric  papers  for isometric sketches, and perspective papers for sketches requiring perspective available.  When  selecting  an  eraser,  chose  a  soft  (pink)  or  artgum  eraser. Types  of sketches Since technical sketches and drawings represent three-dimensional objects, your sketches should conform to one of the four standard types of projection. The four major types of projection are (1) multiview, (2) axonometric, (3) oblique, and (4) perspective.    Each type of projection is covered in detail in later chapters of this volume. Figure 4-1 shows the four types of projections. Figure 4-1.—The  four  types of  projections. Continued  on  next  page 4-4

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