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Architectural/Structural Steel Drawings, Continued Vertical members Vertical structural members extend from footings or a foundation to the roof line.  High  strength  vertical  members  are  called  columns  or  pillars.  Short columns or piers rest directly on footings or may be set into the ground.    On bridge  structures,  piers  provide  intermediate  support  for  the  bridge superstructure.  In  light-frame  and  wood  constructions,  vertical  structural members are called studs.   Sills or sole plates are horizontal members that support the bottom of studs on the foundations while  rafter plates, top plates or stud caps anchor the top.    Enlarged or combined studs at a corner position are referred to as corner posts. Figure 4-13 shows light-frame vertical members. Figure  4-13.—Vertical members of a light-frame (wood) construction. Continued  on  next  page 4-15

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