Quantcast Measuring-line method of perspective projection

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Perspective Practices, Continued Measuring-line The measuring-line method of constructing perspective drawings is used less method of than the plan view method. Use the measuring-line method of constructing perspective projection perspective drawings when you do not have scaled orthographic drawings of the object. The measuring-line method works best when used in simple constructions of linear objects because of the amount of mathematical computations required to determine line lengths. To construct perspective drawings using the line-measurement method, use this  table: Step Action 1 Draw a horizon line and ground line. 2 Arbitrarily place two well-separated vanishing points, one on either side of the object (VPL and VPR). 3 Select    surface (A) and place it parallel (one-point perspective) or at an angle (two-point perspective) to the picture plane. 4 Extend visual rays from the station point to the vanishing points. 5 Measure height along the dimension that is parallel to the picture plane. This measurement will appear in true length. 6 Measure the dimensions of width and length against the GL. Draw perpendicular lines to intersect the receding lines leading to the vanishing   points. 7 Darken  all  object  outlines. Continued  on  next  page

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