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Oblique Projections, Continued Receding lines Lines perpendicular to the plane of projection appear in oblique projection drawings as parallel inclined lines.    These lines appear to recede but never to converge; hence the name,  receding lines. Angles of receding lines You may draw receding lines at any convenient angle. The angle you select to draw receding lines depends on the shape of the object and the location of any significant surface features.    Use a large angle to draw receding lines when you want a better view of the top of an object. Use a small angle when you want to show features on the side of an object. Choose angles easily drawn  with  45°  and  30°/60°  triangles. Length  of receding lines Oblique projections present an unnatural appearance to the eye because the receding lines do not converge into a vanishing point but remain parallel and seem to diverge in the distance.    The length of the receding lines contributes to distortion. Receding lines drawn in full scale give the appearance of being too long and raising the back of the object higher than the top or front surface.    For this reason, objects with great length should not be drawn in the oblique with the longest dimension perpendicular to the plane of projection. For the object to appear more natural, foreshorten the receding lines. Oblique projections with full scale receding lines are known as cavalier projections.    Drawings where the receding lines are foreshortened by half are referred to as cabinet projections. Figure 6-4 illustrates the difference in distortion between a cavalier and cabinet projection. Figure   6-4.—A distorted   cavalier projection   and foreshortened   cabinet projection  of  a  cube. Continued  on  next  page 6-6

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