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Oblique Projections, Continued Cavalier projections Cavalier projections are oblique projections where the front axes are always perpendicular to each other and the receding axis is drawn at any angle other than  90°.   When the receding axis is drawn at an angle of 45° with the plane of  projection,  all  edges  are  projected  their  true  length.  For  this  reason,  most cavalier  drawings  use  the  45°  angle.  Cavalier  projections  originated  in  the drawings of medieval fortifications and were made on the horizontal planes of projection.    The central portions of these fortifications were higher than the rest and were called cavalier because of their commanding position. Figure 6-5 shows an oblique projection of a bookshelf drawn in full scale with the receding axis at a 45° angle to the horizontal. Figure 6-5.—A  cavalier  projection. Continued  on  next  page 6-7

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