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CHAPTER  5 PIPING  SYSTEMS When you have read and understood this chapter, you should be able to answer the following learning objectives: Interpret piping blueprints. Identify shipboard hydraulic and plumbing blueprints. PIPING DRAWINGS Water was at one time the only important fluid that was moved from one point to another in pipes. Today almost every conceivable fluid is handled in pipes during  its  production,  processing,  transportation,  and use. The age of atomic energy and rocket power has added  fluids  such  as  liquid  metals,  oxygen,  and nitrogen to the list of more common fluids such as oil, Figure 5-1.—Single-line orthographic pipe drawing. water, gases, and acids that are being carried in piping systems today. Piping is also used as a structural element in columns and handrails. For these reasons, drafters  and  engineers  should  become  familiar  with pipe  drawings. Piping drawings show the size and location of pipes, fittings, and valves. A set of symbols has been developed to identify these features on drawings. We will show and explain the symbols later in this chapter. Two methods of projection used in pipe drawings are orthographic and isometric (pictorial). Chapter 3 has a general description of these methods and the following   paragraphs   explain   their   use   in   pipe drawings. ORTHOGRAPHIC PIPE DRAWINGS Single-   and   double-line   orthographic   pipe drawings (fig. 5-1 and 5-2) are recommended for showing single pipes either straight or bent in one plane only. This method also may be used for more complicated  piping  systems. ISOMETRIC (PICTORIAL) PIPE DRAWINGS Pictorial  projection  is  used  for  all  pipes  bent  in more than one plane, and for assembly and layout work. The finished drawing is easier to understand in the pictorial format. Figure 5-2.—Double-line orthographic pipe drawing. 5-1

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