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Figure 6-5.—Main motor controller. A. Wiring diagram. B. Schematic. latching  coil  CH,  and  opening  contacts  CH.  The AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL PRINTS opening  of  contacts  CH  de-energizes  coil  1M,  which opens contacts 1M to stop the main motor. If an overload   occurs   in   the   synchro   supply   circuit (excessive current through 2OL), contacts 2OL will open, deenergizing coil 2M to open contacts 2M. The overloads  are  reset  after  tripping  by  pressing  the overload  reset  buttons.  The  equipment  may  be operated in an overloaded condition by pressing the emergency run buttons to shunt the overload contacts. Aircraft   electrical   prints   include   schematic diagrams and wiring diagrams. Schematic diagrams show electrical operations. They are drawn in the same manner and use the same graphic symbols from ANSI Y32.2 as shipboard electrical schematics. Aircraft  electrical  wiring  diagrams  show  detailed circuit information on all electrical systems. A master wiring diagram is a single diagram that shows all the 6-8

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