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Lettering Aids Introduction Several mechanical devices assist the DM in creating finished lettering suitable for display or reproduction.    These devices include lettering guides, photolettering machines, and mechanical lettering devices. Letterguides Letterguides are clear plastic templates pierced with holes that automatically lay out lettering guidelines.    One of the most basic lettering aids available, letterguides eliminate the constant measurement of guidelines. Lettering Lettering templates ensure that letters and figures made by them are templates absolutely  uniform.  There  are  two  main  styles  of  lettering  templates. Letterspacing is accomplished optically. One style of templates is packaged as lettering sets consisting of a series of engraved templates with a groove along the bottom. Scribes, sometimes called bugs, fit a tailpin into the template groove and trace letters on the template with a tracer pin to the paper  surface.    Only technical pens with conical tips fit the scriber pen holder.    Do not apply an excessive amount of hand pressure when you are lettering. This causes the pen to dig into the paper surface. Figure 5-54 shows a template and scriber. Figure 5-54.—A  template  and  scriber. Continued  on  next  page 5-50

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