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Letter Strokes Introduction Lettering is not like handwriting. With practice, you can learn to letter well and legibly even if your handwriting is not particularly good. The order in which you draw the strokes that form letters are as important as the individual letters themselves. How you execute the strokes and in what order will affect the ease and rapidity of your lettering. Strokes Strokes are the vertical, horizontal, and curvilinear movements made by your hand as you draw letters.    Strokes are made with a coordinated arm, wrist, and finger action. Vertical and slanted strokes are made by drawing the stroke  toward  you.  Horizontal  strokes  are  made  from  left  to  right.  Curved strokes are made by rolling the drawing implement with the fingers in the direction of the stroke. All letters follow the same basic sequence of execution.  Some  letters  require  a  combination  of  all  strokes. Step Action 1 Draw  the  vertical  strokes. 2 Turn the drawing tool sideways and draw the horizontal strokes. 3 Make the left half of any curved letter first.   Hold the drawing tool between the thumb and forefinger and twirl the drawing tool in the direction  of  the  stroke  as  indicated  in  figure  5-28. 4 Connect  any  curves  as  required  to  finish  the  letter. Figure 5-28 illustrates the sequence for making basic lettering strokes. Figure 5-28.—The  sequence  for  making basic  lettering  strokes. Continued  on  next  page 5-27

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