Quantcast Low  and  high  key  value  ranges  the  same  hue

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Subtractive Theory of Color, Continued Value The second dimension of color is value. Value is the lightness or darkness of a hue. The terms tint and shade refer to the value of a color. You add white to a hue to create a tint. Add black to a hue to create a shade. In neither case has the hue changed, only its value and intensity. You must be able to decide the area that is the lightest and the area that is the darkest. Decide how light or dark an area is to be and relate all other values around this decision.    When you decide on a value range or key, be consistent throughout the picture. Low-key value ranges are dark in value and high-key value ranges are bright or lightly colored. Figure 2-14 shows a value scale or key. Figure  2-14.—Low  and  high  key  value  ranges  the  same  hue. Continued  on  next  page 2-16

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