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Dimensioning, Continued Dimension techniques All dimension lines and arrowheads must lie in the planes of the object to which they apply. Align dimensions and notes shown with leaders to the bottom of the drawing.    Notes without leaders should also align with the bottom of the drawing. Use single-stroke gothic letters for dimensions and lettering on drawings. For clear dimensions, follow these general rules: Show sufficient dimensions to define size, shape, and position of each feature. Place dimensions on the view that most clearly represents the form of the geometric component of the part. Express each dimension so that it can be interpreted in only one way. Place dimensions outside of the object outline except when it helps to clarify. Never use centerlines, object lines, or extension lines as dimension lines. Select and arrange dimensions to minimize the accumulation of tolerances between related features. Do not double dimension. Do not locate a feature by more than one tolerance dimension in any one direction. Never cross dimension, extension, and leader lines unless absolutely necessary. Never break a dimension line except for inserting dimensions. Never run an extension or leader line through a dimension line or break it except where it passes through or is adjacent to arrowheads. Avoid dimensioning to hidden lines. Express angular dimensions in degrees (°), in minutes (´) and seconds (), or in decimal parts of a degree. Do not use zeros before the decimal point for values less than 1 inch. Enclose dimensions in. parentheses or mark “REF” when it is (1) repeated on the same drawing, (2) specified on subordinate documents, (3) an accumulation of other dimensions, or (4) shown for information only. Do  not  use  the  word  “TYPICAL”  or  the  abbreviation  “TYP.”  Instead, indicate (in parentheses) the number of places to which the dimension applies (2 PLS). Continued  on  next  page 3-29

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