Quantcast Dimensioning  countersunk  and counterdrilled   holes

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Dimensioning, Continued Countersunk Countersunk (CSK) and counterdrilled holes (CDRILL) are two holes drilled and at  different  depths  that  share  a  common  center.  For  countersunk  holes, counterdrilled holes specify the diameter and the included angle of the countersink. There is no depth to the larger hole since it only creates a bevel at the opening of the smaller  hole.  For  counterdrilled  holes,  specify  the  diameter  and  the  depth  of the  counterdrill.  The  larger  diameter  hole  automatically  creates  a  bevel determined by the angle of the drill bit; therefore, specifying the included angle of the counterdrill is optional. The depth dimension is the depth of the full diameter of the counterdrill from the outer surface of the part. Figure 3-33 shows the dimensioning of countersunk and counterdrilled holes. Figure 3-33.—Dimensioning  countersunk  and counterdrilled   holes. Continued  on  next  page 3-37

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