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Orthographic Projections, Continued Multiview projections Multiview projections are the second major subdivision of orthographic projections. Principal views There  are  six  principal  views  in  a  multiview  orthographic  projection.  These are the front, back, top, bottom, and left- and right-side views.    Of these views or planes, three are referred to as primary planes of projection (vertical,  horizontal,  and  profile).  Most  objects  are  adequately  represented by the three primary planes. Angles of projection The  primary  planes  intersect  each  other  at  right  angles.  The  angles  between the horizontal and vertical planes are described as first, second, third, and fourth angles of projection.   In theory, you can place an object in any of these angles of projection and draw or project its image onto the projection planes, which in turn could be rotated onto the plane of your drawing paper. Only first- and third-angle projection have a practical application today. Figure 6-23 shows the angles of projection in a multiview projection. Figure  6-23.—Angles of projection in multiview projections. Continued  on  next  page 6-28

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