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Blueprint Composition, Continued Title block Title blocks contain the name of the drawn object, drawing number, and all information required to identify the part or assembly.    It also includes the name and address of the government agency or command preparing the drawing,  scale,  drafting  record,  authentication  and  date.  Locate  the  title block in the lower-right corner of the drawing. Figure 1-37 are examples of title blocks. Figure  1-37.—Blueprint  title  blocks:  A.  Naval  Ship Systems Command; B. Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Drawing number A drawing number appears on each drawing.    On drawings with more than one sheet, the drawing number block shows the sheet number and the number of sheets in the series. The drawing number appears in the lower-right corner of the title block and may appear near the top border line in the upper corner or on the reverse side at the other end so it is visible when the drawing is rolled. Continued  on  next  page 1-49

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