Quantcast Figure 5-20.Pictorial view of a typical bathroom.

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Figure 5-20 is a pictorial drawing of a bathroom. In the drawing, all that is normally placed in or under the floor has been exposed to show a complete picture of the plumbing, connections, and fixtures. Figure  5-21,  views  A  and  B,  are  isometric diagrams of the piping in the bathroom shown in figure 5-20. Figure 5-22 is a floor plan of a small house showing the same bathroom, including the locations of fixtures and piping. To  interpret  the  isometric  plumbing  diagram shown in figure 5-21, view A, start at the lavatory (sink). You can see a symbol for a P-trap that leads to a  tee  connection.  The  portion  of  the  tee  leading upward goes to the vent, and the portion leading downward goes to the drain. You can follow the drain pipe along the wall until it reaches the corner where a 90-degree  elbow  is  connected  to  bring  the  drain around  the  corner.  Another  section  of  piping  is connected between the elbow and the next tee. One branch of the tee leads to the P-trap of the bathtub, and the other to the tee necessary for the vent (pipe leading upward between the tub and water closet). It then continues on to the Y-bend with a heel (a special Figure 5-21.—Isometric diagram of a bathroom showing waste, vents, and water service. Figure 5-20.—Pictorial view of a typical bathroom. 5-16

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