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Orthographic Projections, Continued Isometric scale An isometric scale measures foreshortened lines with uniform accuracy. Drawings made using an isometric scale create isometric projections by rendering the object exactly as seen on the plane of projection. You can make an isometric scale on paper or cardboard to aid you in laying out measurements.  All  distances  in  an  isometric  scale  are  2/3  times  true  length or approximately 80 percent of true size. To make an isometric scale, use this table: Step 1 Action Along a horizontal line, mark off equal increments with any standard scale (figure 6-15, view A). 2 Using a 45° triangle, lay off lines from each of the increments. 3 Using a 45° and a 30°/60° triangles, form a 75° angle with the horizontal and lay off a line intersecting the diagonal lines. 4 Align a piece of paper, acetate, or cardboard, with the 75° line indicating equal increments. These increments form the isometric scale. Continued  on  next  page 6-18

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