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Blueprint Compositions, Continued Finish marks Finish marks show part surfaces that require finishing by machine. Machining provides a better surface appearance and a better fit with closely mated parts. Machine finishes are not the same as finishes of paint, enamel, grease,  chromium  plating,  and  similar  coatings.  Finish  marks  appear  on  the drawing near the surfaces to which they apply. Notes and Additional information that does not belong in a regimented information specifications block is included on drawings as notes and specifications. Place notes giving clarifying information directly on the drawing with a leader line that ties into the  affected  part  or  assembly.  Specifications  are  statements  containing  a description such as the terms of a contract or details of an object not shown. Specifications provide additional information to show that the item conforms to the description and that it can be made without the need for further research,  development,  or  design  engineering. Legends  and symbols Legends and symbols explain and define special marks placed on the drawing.    Legends, if used, appear in the upper-right corner of drawings under the revision block Figure 1-43 is an example of a legend. Figure 1-43.—A  legend. 1-55

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